Is it Time to Resurface Your Swimming Pool?

Pool Replastering is the process of adding a new layer of mortar over the entire interior surface of a concrete pool that already has an existing layer of plaster.

Over time you may notice that the walls and bottom of your pool have become rough, bumpy and even sharp in places

Something needs to be done. As pools get older, the original plaster tends to get rough and make unsightly spots and potential hazards. How do you fix the problem? By replastering.

In a nutshell, replastering a pool means putting a new layer of plaster on the walls and bottom. What does plaster do?


First, it serves to make your pool waterproof. Not only does plaster keep the water from draining out, it also makes the surfaces of the pool look and feel nice. A newly plastered pool will be smooth and shiny.

Unfortunately, plaster doesn’t last forever. If your swimming pool is starting to look and feel a bit rough, it’s probably time to replaster.

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